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Ron Fair, Pres. at A&M Records (Pussycat Dolls)

"All labels do the same thing. The business model is the same. What's going to be different from label to label is the individuals that are there."

(HitQuarters Interview Jun 19, 2006)

Shakir Stewart, A&R at Def Jam US (Rick Ross)

"To evaluate A&Rs, I would look at their track record."

(HitQuarters Interview Nov 13, 2005)

Jim Chancellor, A&R at Universal UK (Snow Pat.)

"If I was an artist, I would evaluate A&Rs and record labels on the careers of acts that I respect. That?s about the only way you can look at it."

(HitQuarters Interview Oct 26, 2005)

Mark Williams, A&R at Interscope US (Gwen Stef.)

"Do they have some sort of track record of commitment towards developing things and staying with things even if they are not immediately successful?"

(HitQuarters Interview Apr 16, 2006)

Being a member at HitQuarters also gives you access to hundreds of original articles. It features interviews with the most successful music industry people on the planet, including half of the A&Rs on the World Top 100 A&R Chart as well as platinum-selling producers, songwriters, managers and more.

The HitQuarters articles also include popular features such as –
  • Professional Demo Review – 3 unsigned artists get reviewed by 3 professionals.
  • Artist Diary – Articles written by artists themselves, giving account of their route through the music industry from being unknown to achieving success.
  • Label Vote – A countdown of the most popular record labels according to the artist community.
  • General music industry articles that will keep you updated on various progress, such as downloads, copyrights, success stories and more.
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