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Knowing Track Records Is Crucial – Why?

Let's face it, most industry people don't have a clue. Only a few have the power to break new artists and the knowledge, finances and contacts to support, develop and nurture them to success.

You know that the music business is very attractive. This makes it competitive and progressive but also a jungle full of traps. Luckily, somewhere within this chaos are a few people who dig out hit after hit. And somewhere are the people who will understand your music; love it; support it and finance it.

The only reliable method of sorting out the 1% geniuses and matches from the 99% wannabes and mismatches is by studying their track records.

Look at their previous successes and failures. Take references. Don't gamble and let years worth of effort go to waste due to someone else's mismanagement, bad politics, lack of motivation and poor marketing power.

Remember that this industry is extremely personified. So - Get Educated! YOU need to know that THEY know what the hell they are doing! Your dream of making music your livelihood depends on it!

HitQuarters presents the only service (HitTracker) that will provide you with contact information and personal track records for A&Rs, managers, producers, publishers and songwriters worldwide.

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