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We welcome all reciprocal links related to the music industry. Please submit them by sending us a message, choosing the topic: "I would like to exchange links". We also kindly ask you to make a link to . At SongAlliance professional publishers and songwriters find leads of who is looking for songs among the 500 most successful artists in the world plus leads for upcoming artists. At the moment, there are more than 100 artists looking for songs altogether, with information of what style they are looking for, song samples and contact information. This information is also delivered in a monthly e-mail. With this information subscribers are able to pitch their songs to other artists more efficiently.

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SongAlliance is a song pitching service for songwriters, composers, producers and music publishers (including all the majors). It provides them with information about which of the world's top 500 most successful artists are currently looking for songs, including what style they are looking for, deadlines and contact information on where to submit songs. It also includes song samples and pictures of the artists. SongAlliance also provides quality leads for newly signed and developing artists, plus up-and-coming artists that are locally successful. All new leads of gold selling artists and newcomers signed to an established label/manager are posted online and distributed in a monthly e-mail.

The SongAlliance subscriber can then contact the A&Rs, managers and producers for these artists on their own behalf and present their music. In that way they will build their own network of contacts and can more efficiently get their songs to other artists. To become a subscriber, click here. If you want to try it for free, please send us a message, and we will e-mail you a temporary password that is valid for 24 hours. To know more about SongAlliance, please check our demo leads and FAQ (top right of the site).

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