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Today’s Top 50 Artists at HitQuarters

Rank Artist Name Genre Country
1 SBOR Pop Bulgaria
2 Amoric Rock Ireland
3 Erika Fatale Soundtrack USA
4 Lastbandalive Soundtrack Denmark
5 Bobby Kidd Singer-Songwriter Australia
6 Dafuniks Hip Hop Denmark
7 Zaccheri Gray Singer-Songwriter Canada
8 Hashell Soundtrack United Kingdom
9 Syreeta R&B USA
10 ShunWard R&B USA
11 Kath Buckell USA
12 Mandy Sweden
13 Trevor Jones Singer-Songwriter United Kingdom
14 The Running List Rock-Punk USA
15 Ed Cusick Singer-Songwriter United Kingdom
16 Brittany McDonald Soundtrack USA
17 Amoric Rock Ireland
18 Hellister Rock Italy
19 Wayne Gidden Soundtrack United Kingdom
20 Leeann Akers Soundtrack USA
21 Dr. Sley Soundtrack Cameroon
22 I.R.O.K. Rock-Punk United Kingdom
23 Dominique Young Unique Hip Hop USA
24 Chloé Soundtrack Canada
25 The High Lifes Rock USA
26 Erin Hunt Soundtrack Canada
27 David Flynn Soundtrack United Kingdom
28 Aneta South Africa
29 Stars Go Dim Rock USA
30 K9Slang Australia
31 Mr Dryve By Hip Hop USA
32 Small Mercies Australia
33 J'Re USA
34 Chris L Cox R&B USA
35 Frewoini Hailu USA
36 Sophie Soundtrack United Kingdom
37 Crypt2nite Hip Hop USA
38 Leira Symone USA
39 Linda Luztono R&B Canada
40 Crystal Marven Soundtrack USA
41 Ashonti Monea R&B USA
42 Daniella Watters Soundtrack Canada
43 Jessica Loren Soundtrack Canada
44 Kendra Granville R&B USA
45 DJ Scandalous Hip Hop USA
46 Tara Priya Soundtrack USA
47 Moran Levi Soundtrack USA
48 Luh Dizzy USA
49 Will and the People Rock United Kingdom
50 Clarissa Cupéro Soundtrack USA