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Suzanne Ravgiala


Suzanne Ravgiala has lived in Nashville Tennessee for 10 years and has co-written with 70 or so people. She mainly writes lyrics and has written approx 150 songs in that time. She has had several holds with major artists.

She has had 35 songs published in Nashville, LA, New York, and Philadelphia. She has had 12 small cuts.

She has belonged to CMA, NARAS, TSAI, and the Songwriters Guild of America.

Before moving to Nashville from Maryland she had won prizes in about 30 song contests througout the country.

Had her song Labor DAy played at the national meeting of the AFL:CIO convened to discuss the misuse of the Made In the USA label by sweatshops.

Wrote a song to be played at the 40th Anniversay of the James Dean Festival in Fairmont Indiana.

Had her songs "Somethin For Herself" and "Whiskey Christmas" added to the playlist at .

Had her song "One U-Haul Away" recorded by four artists recently. One played it at the Wildhorse in Nashville
Had her song "Walk a Mile In My High Heels" recroded by two female artists recently.

wrote 2 songs for a documentary by Kim Cady and they were made into videos on youtube under suzanne ravgiala "Save One At a Time" and "Together"

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09-Jul-2011 14:25

I would love to colab with you on something , if interest email me

26-Apr-2010 23:03

Check Me Out and leave some feedback......You Dont Wanna Act Right ..........Marc "BIG SLAB" McKinney
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