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Kalie The Kalie

J-Pop / Alternative Country / Comedy/Spoken Word / Easy Listening 

The World Is MINE if you thought we were fighting over it!!!
Maybe room for Me in this Industry. . .YES there is . I am Here And with my passion Im Pushing my marker beyond and above.
Im glowing with it Im flowing with it I HAVE IT im here to prove Let Me Find Out the right opportunity arises and Im moving us to the tip of the top that has no return . I used to say once your at the top where do you go. . . . hm well lets find out cause without me you have not been there. Im not cocky im a performer artist and self proclaimed Spiritual eye opener. Passion nowadays is hard to find. STOP cause I have it deep down in this torn soul and gut of mine . you just have to believe LEAVE and find your element. I am the water putting others fires out when really im the flame that started theirs.

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