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The name “J-Water ”is the official name stage name of Jamarcus Cordel Newton. Jamarcus Newton is the CEO and founder of Planet Imagination (JCN’s Video, Music, and Story Publishing). Jamarcus was born and raise in Montgomery Alabama where he currently resides. He has receive his Associate degree in (CIS) Computer Information System from Trenholm State Technical College. He is currently a 24year student attending Alabama State University work to his Bachelors in Communication. The company is personally ran and funded by Jamarcus. All products associated with Planet Imagination will contain any official Planet Imagination tag or symbol. Tags and symbols are keywords, phrases, objects, pictures, or any particular mark that represent something by association, resemblance, or convention. Tags can consist of the words Planet Imagination showing up in videos or a voice recording of the words Planet Imagination being included in songs. Clients are consider any one who uses a Planet Imagination product or service. If your face, name, voice, writing, or drawing appears on a Planet Imagination product you are automatically consider a client. Since Planet Imagination has the right to distribute all its products publicly at any time being a client gives us the right to distribute a product containing any client identify. If a client does not wish to be seen as a public figure must specify it with the owner before the product is produce. The company will not purposely damage anyone’s character. Anyone who works with Planet Imagination is allowed to have any stage name that desire. A stage name, also known as a screen name or showbiz name is a pseudonym used by performers and entertainers such as actors, wrestlers, comedians, and musicians, etc. A person may have as many stage names as they wish. It is up the individual to make sure that the stage name they have chosen is not already taken; however, the individual is allowed to have the same stage name as another person as long they can distinguish themselves apart and do not promote themselves as the same person. As previous stated the name J-water is the official stage name of Jamarcus Newton.

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