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Chillwave / Electronica / Soundtrack / Singer-Songwriter 

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 Current Chart Position! 

Today’s Top 10 Singer-Songwriter Artists1. Christopher David Santangelo/4MyMusic.com2. Kleonis3. Bobby Kidd4. Zaccheri Gray5. Ed Cusick6. Trevor Jones7. A Soul Awakened8. Claseria9. Donna Marie10. Bandup Yoshi


 To See The World Track 

I just posted the track "Only Gamblers Win" from my new album "To See The World" and it has a smooth club atmosphere melody, enjoy!


 Debut of To See The World. 

Be looking and listening for news and playlists featuring tracks from my second album, all summer!


 To See The World. 

My second album, "To See The World" will be available this spring.


 2014 Wrap Up. 

I just posted some more tracks from the debut album, Rose Garden and Sundowner. I know it's been a while. But I spent the time working on live performances at my regional venues. Boston is a great place for indie artist these days because there are thousands of venues.


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